The First On-demand 

Launch System

for Small Satellites

SpaceRyde offers affordable, on-schedule, dedicated launch for small satellites.

We are not a rocket factory, and will not reinvent the wheel. We use commercially available hardware, and play to the strength of our smart software algorithms to maximize hardware performance and the accuracy of launch.

Our software-focused approach enables us to iterate fast, be asset-light, and become the first company to guarantee on-schedule launch service for small satellites.

How We Do It

A stratospheric balloon takes satellites in a custom-designed, ultra-light rocket to high altitude, where it is launched in near vacuum conditions, avoiding the stress and costs of high speed travel through dense layers of the atmosphere.

SpaceRyde's Solution


Lowest cost per kg of payload of any launch provider


Guaranteed launch window that fit customer schedules


Tailored launch for customer priority payloads


Launch from anywhere, no launch pad needed


Zero emissions within the lower layers of the atmosphere

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