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Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of SpaceRyde’s 25,000ft headquarters and Canada’s first rocket factory with special guest speaker and Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.


June 21, 2022


2 - 4PM EST

Location Address:

51 Caldari Rd., Building B, Unit 12

Concord, ON, Canada


You're Invited!

Concord, ON - On June 21, 2022, at 2 PM EST SpaceRyde will officially declare Canada's first Rocket Factory open at an invite-only ribbon-cutting ceremony and facility tour. Chris Hadfield, the world-famous Canadian astronaut, will speak on behalf of SpaceRyde and the importance of their developments in the Canadian space story. Following the ribbon-cutting, invitees will be welcomed to tour the rocket factory and see the rocket that will make history as the world's first orbital rocket to be launched from a balloon. Following the tour, guests are welcome to a meet-and-greet with Chris Hadfield and SpaceRyde founders, Saharnaz and Sohrab. In addition, we will offer one-on-one interviews scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“Ten years ago when I graduated from UofT, the opportunity to work on space vehicles did not exist in Canada. I am happy that four years of hard work and sacrifice has created this opportunity for talent in Canada. We are stopping the brain drain while building the only sustainable space launch system in the world that will propel Canada to the frontline of the New Space Economy.”

— Sohrab Haghighat, SpaceRyde Co-Founder and CEO


"I am proud to be supporting the brilliant team at SpaceRyde, as they help launch Canada on a new path to space."




SpaceRyde is a space transportation company, providing on-demand delivery to space, from space and within space. Utilizing its network of rockets, SpaceRyde creates on-demand and affordable delivery from the Earth to the Moon and back. By creating such unprecedented access to space, SpaceRyde helps accelerate space innovation, expand access to deep space, facilitate space tourism, and unlock trillions of dollars of value for the New Space Economy. SpaceRyde's mission is to make space available to everyone, everywhere by redefining the role of a rocket from a single-purpose vehicle to a multipurpose space vessel that provides convenient and continuous multi-planet deliveries. At the core of SpaceRyde's business is the belief that the development of the New Space Economy shouldn't come at the cost of our planet. So, in addition to their multipurpose smart rockets, they've also developed the world's only sustainable launch system that eliminates harmful combustion from 99% of Earth's atmosphere. Headquartered in Canada, SpaceRyde's facilities are the country's first and only rocket factory and rocket testing facility.


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"June 21st is a proud day for all Canadians, adding us to the elite list of countries that build space vehicles. If we have learnt one lesson from the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, is that Canada needs its own domestic space transportation, if we want to claim a major share of the space economy and not be left behind. I am happy that we are so close to achieving this goal, and also that Canadians would no longer need to drive south to watch rocket launches.”

— Saharnaz Safari, Co-Founder and COO


"June 21st will go down in Canadian history. June 21st is the day Toronto joins the global space conversation! I’m tired of my news feed being flooded with SpaceX, on June 21st we change the narrative to Space 6ix!”

— Jen Scholten, Head of Marketing and Communications

June 21 Agenda








15:00 - 16:00

We kindly ask that all guests arrive 15 minutes before the event to ensure a timely start.

Opening statement by Jen Scholten, SpaceRyde's head of marketing and communications.

The guest of honour and world-famous Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, will speak on behalf of SpaceRyde and the importance of domestic launch capability.

SpaceRyde's founders, wife-husband duo Saharnaz and Sohrab, will say a few words about SpaceRyde, and their journey to opening Canada's first and only rocket factory.

Saharnaz and Sohrab will cut the ribbon and officially declare SpaceRyde's headquarters as Canada's first and only rocket factory!

Guests will be invited on a tour of SpaceRyde's rocket factory with the exclusive opportunity to see, up close and personal, the rocket that will make history as the first rocket to reach orbit from Canada.

Guests will be invited to view a streamed rocket test fire on their Grolar engine, Spaceryde's gimbaling hybrid engine.

Meet-and-greet with SpaceRyde's founders and Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield. During this time, local catering and beverages will be served. One-on-one interviews will take place in the adjacent conference rooms.

51 Caldari Rd., Building B, Unit 12, Concord, ON, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the company founded? 

SpaceRyde was founded by wife-husband duo, Saharnaz Safari and Sohrab Haghighat in 2018. Sohrab is the active CEO and Saharnaz is the active COO of SpaceRyde. 

How many employees do you have? 

SpaceRyde currently employs 33 people across engineering, operations, and business. We also have a robust internship program with the country's top engineering schools.

Is SpaceRyde public? 

SpaceRyde is privately funded. 

Is SpaceRyde currently fundraising? 

SpaceRyde is not currently fundraising, but we never say no to a meeting.

When are you launching to space? 

SpaceRyde will start delivering customer payloads in 2023. With each Earth-to-space launch, SpaceRyde's network of in-space rockets will grow. 

But I thought you were going to the moon? 

Black Bay I, SpaceRyde's kickstage, will reach lunar orbit in 2024. 

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We can't wait to meet you and show you all that we've been building in Canada, for Canada.